We provide adult, individualized, strategic guidance and mentoring during the multi-year college planning and application process for Bridgeport's public high school students competing for need blind admissions to selective schools.

Commence! College Counseling

Empowering and educating highly motivated students from inner city public high schools by giving them the tools to obtain acceptances from achievement appropriate, need-blind, selective colleges and universities.

Commence! Students' Acceptances

  • Amherst
  • Brown
  • Boston College
  • Boston College Nursing
  • Carnegie Mellon
  • Cornell Arts & Sciences
  • Cornell Engineering
  • Dartmouth
  • Fairfield U
  • Holy Cross
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Princeton
  • SUNY Buffalo
  • Sacred Heart
  • Temple
  • UConn, Storrs
  • UConn Day of Pride Scholar
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • University of Rochester
  • Vassar
  • Wesleyan
  • Williams
  • Yale
  • & more

Our current funders

  • Deloitte and Touche
  • Independent Educational Consultants Association
  • John P Flanagan Foundation
  • Near and Far Aid
  • Cohen and Wolf, P.C.
  • Generous Individual Gifts

Support Us!

Only through the generous donations of our funders can Commence! offer essential services to these talented students.

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Dr. Posner THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCHHHHHH !!!! I couldn't have gotten into Bowdoin without you, you're the absolute best !!!!!!!!!! I am so happy you will now be working with my sister!