Students who work with Commence! receive one on one counseling sessions with adult advisors. We review
students’ academic and extra curricular profiles, discuss interests and career goals, create a list of colleges and provide detailed feedback on college applications.

To work with a Commence! advisor, students fill out a simple application and agree to the expectations of the
program. Students agree to:

  • Attend all meetings (group and individual) or notify us 24 hours in advance of your absence
  • Email all drafts of work at least 24 hours before a meeting
  • Meet all deadlines, especially for drafts of college application pieces
  • Notify us of the outcomes of all your college applications, including the financial aid
  • Update us, as we request each spring, about your progress at college

Our work with students benefits greatly from the input and support of families. Our application asks for parent
contact information and parent approval to encourage communication between Commence! and families.

Through this process, students improve their critical thinking, writing and time management skills. These skills, we believe, will be beneficial in college and beyond.

We strive for all students to have college options that are a good fit with offers of affordable financial aid
packages. Of course there are no guarantees, but hard work usually pays off with many choices when decisions are reported in the spring.

Commence College-GraphicHow can parents help?

Talk to your student about the process, and discuss important issues.

  • How far is reasonable for your student to go away to college? A car ride? A train ride? A plane ride?
  • Review the Net Price Calculators (located on college websites) with your student. Enter your family‚Äôs financial information to get an idea of your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC). This dictates financial aid packages.
  • Ask your students about deadlines for Commence! Encourage them to be in touch with advisors frequently and to meet all deadlines.
  • Reach out to advisors anytime to learn more about the process, to get updates about your student or for general reassurance. Advisors are always ready and happy to help.
  • Enjoy this exciting time for your student and family!