Commence College-Banner02To work with a Commence! advisor, students fill out a simple application and agree to the expectations of the program.

  • Attend all meetings (group and individual) or notify us 24 hours in advance of your absence
  • Email all drafts of work at least 24 hours before a meeting
  • Meet all deadlines, especially for drafts of college application pieces
  • Notify us of the outcomes of all your college applications, including the financial aid
  • Update us, as we request each spring, about your progress at college

Then, students email us requesting a meeting. After getting a copy of their transcript, individual introductory
meetings are scheduled.

Topics covered include:

  • Review academic performance and classes
  • Standardized testing results and planning
  • Activities and interests
  • Begin to review appropriate college choices

Individual counseling meetings continue through the summer. One on one meetings occur via Skype meetings, phone calls and email.

Work accomplished includes:

    • Answering questions about the process in general, the Common Application and supplements
    • Formulating a well balanced college list
    • Brainstorming essay topics and editing multiple drafts of essays both for the Common Application and school supplements
    • Interview Preparation

After decisions are received in the spring of senior year, advisors are available to answer any questions about
acceptances and financial aid packages. We celebrate with students before graduation and collect summary data from students for reference for future classes.

Once students leave for college, Commence! advisors strive to have continued contact with college students to answer questions and offer support via email, text, Facebook and reunions.
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